People are impacted every day by what God is doing through WGTS 91.9, and we thought we’d share a few of the stories we hear each day with you.

The Story Project - Suze

Suze never thought that Christian music would be something she and her kids would ever listen to. Yet after going through a painful divorce and trying to keep it all together, she discovered something she really needed.

The Story Project - Esther

Esther discovered WGTS 91.9 because of a bumper sticker she saw on a car. The first song she heard spoke to her heart, and she shares what the station has meant to her since she moved to this area.

The Story Project - Omy

​As a military family, they had just moved to the area and were still unpacking. But Omy's daughters taught her that sometimes all it takes is marshmallow pops, and a generous heart to find your place and your purpose.

The Story Project - Dawn

Dawn had been struggling to find her place; her work situation wasn’t working out and she and her husband hadn’t been able to have children. Then a song came on the radio with a message she needed to hear.

The Story Project - Betty

Betty said she felt betrayed by God, and hopeless after each of her pregnancies ended with a miscarriage. But she found comfort and a different perspective when a song came on the radio.

The Story Project - Luis

Luis was on his way out the door to see his attorney about filing for divorce. But one song altered his course.

The Story Project - Joe

Joe struggled with addiction for many years. He shares how WGTS has encouraged him in his journey to remaining sober, and how it's allowed him to share his faith with co-workers and others around him.

The Story Project - The Phoenix Family

They dreamed of being foster parents and helping children in need. However, God had something in mind for the Phoenix family beyond their dreams. And the path wasn't always easy. Kristin and Jeff share their journey and how God used their faith to shine a light in some dark moments for their children that gave them hope.

The Story Project - Brian and Jennifer

Brian wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Jennifer, and he wanted to make it big. Since she is a huge Newsboys fan, he contacted WGTS 91.9 and asked the station for our help. We were more than happy to be part of the celebration! This is the story of the proposal that happened at a special backstage meet and greet event right before DC Fest 2013.

The Story Project - Dawn

Dawn is a bus driver for Fairfax County Public Schools who just got an excruciating diagnosis. Yet, she has chosen to praise God in the midst of it, and uses it as an opportunity to witness.